Frequently asked questions

1. Which diagnoses or symptoms is Indonal Woman or Indonal Partner (improved Indonal Woman) suitable?
- pain in breasts during the period of menstruation or out of this period (so-called mastodynia)
- follicles, lumps, cysts in breasts which are of benign nature
- detected HPV virus
- lesions on cervix during the period of monitoring by a doctor
- ovarian thin-walled cysts
- uterine myoma
Indonal Man
- when having prostatic hyperplasia (symptom: frequent micturation)
- when having tumor testis
- larynx tumor

2. When Indonal taking is not suitable?
- when having thyroid dysfunction (taking Indonal could be contra productive)
- during pregnancy or breast-feeding (an organism produces higher levels of other hormones in this period, these hormones are needed for the proper growth and development of an embryo/child and it is inappropriate to be influenced by using Indonal)

3. Can a woman take Indonal simultaneously with contraception?
- yes, taking Indonal and contraception at once is not affected by each other

4. Can a pacient take Indonal and take a chemotherapy treatment or other oncology medicine, or if a patient is after a surgery treatment – a surgery, e.g. conization, period after removal of ovary cyst, or after removal of myoma?
- yes, taking Indonal is, in this case, good as a prevention against reoccurrence of the problems

5. Does Indonal have any side effects?
- none has been found out so far

6. Can I rely on effectivity of Indonal?
- thousands of women and men took Indonal since 2003. Statistics of successful use and better health are very positive.
- Indonal is recommended by many gynecologists, because they have positive experience when making better to health of a patient.

7.Is it possible to return Indonal?
- in case you are not satisfied with taking Indonal, which means – it does not bring any changes, you will return unused blisters bought through internet – we will give a proportional price back to you.

8. How does Indonal work?
- molecules included in an active substance of Indonal link directly to redundant type of oestrogen molecules, toxins and oncoproteins which support oncogenous process in a body. Subsequently, they are released from the body.
- molecules of Indonalu also infiltrate into oncegenous cells, in which HPV virus is very often present, and they stop multiplying of these cells. Subsequently, the level of “happy hormones” is increased so a healthy balance and metabolism is supported.
- Indonal helps mostly in tissues which are oestrogen dependant (women – breasts, uterus and ovaries; men – prostate and testes). There was observed improvement in larynx tumor).