I am very happy to inform you that I got my first HPV test NEGATIVE, after 3 months of treatment….I must confess that I was unable to follow with 2 capsules/day, having just one capsule/day in the evening after meal, or missing the dose for one day or two…as the kidney metabolisation was really difficult…all my skin & sweat was smelling of urine sometimes… I increased the amount of fluids on a daily basis and reduced the sugar intake as much as possible for a comfortable level.I am very thrilled once again, that the science won! Thanks a lot! Mihaela, 17 February 2024

Upon taking the capsule package Indonal Forte 90, my breast problems (pain, greenish discharge) have disappeared. I highly recommend Indonal, it has helped me a lot. Kate, 14 February 2024

I have been experiencing hyperprolactinaemia, big mood swings, and acne nonstop. Not to mention frigidity and severe breast pain. Then I was diagnosed with PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome. I wanted to try something on a natural base. After three weeks I started to feel a lot better, I stopped having mood swings and hot flashes, after two months I lost some weight and I feel much better now. It goes without saying that with a healthy lifestyle, the results are even better.  Dafney, 10 February 2024 

Thank you very much for the capsules Indonal Man. I am a pensioner with prostate problems. Your “present” has been a source of great joy. Indonal has been a big help and I am very satisfied with it.  M. H. Date: 25 January 2024

Once I started taking INDONAL, my premenstrual syndrome improved during the first month of my cycle. That means that I did not feel so much tension in my breasts, and the abdominal pain and the menstruation, especially the first 2 days, were less painful overall. Monika, 31 July 2023

Good evening. A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with malignant cytology two times and I had to undergo cervical conization for CIN 3. After I was discharged from the hospital, I found your product Indonal Women on the Internet and I started using it. I can only recommend it. Have a good evening, I am glad I found you. Singer Sarka, 17 July 2023

I have been taking Indonal WOMAN and it helps me with regular bowel movements, which I have had big problems with, and which caused impure skin, bloating, and general irritation. All this is gone and I literally feel lighter, cleansed. It also helps me with menstrual problems, which were unbearable. I recommend it to anyone with similar problems. Catherine Kocsis, 13 July 2022

I had female problems (tiny cysts) that disappeared after six months of using Indonal. It also has greatly boosted my immune system. Gabriella, 11 July 2022

I had cervical surgery. Six months later, my results were bad again, plus I had an ovarian cyst. I purchased Indonal, and after six months, during the check-up at the doctor’s office, the doctor informed me that my results were OK. He also pleasantly surprised me when he added that my cervix was OK and the cyst has disappeared. Jarmila, 11 July 2020

Dear Indonal, I would like to thank you. Ever since I starting using you, my life has improved. My menstrual pain has subsided, I am wowed by my breasts and my last ultrasound examination to locate myoma had great results. I am happy with Indonal and I am recommending it to everyone. Eva, 12 July 2020

They diagnosed me with ovarian and breast cysts and increased levels of tumour markers. After regularly using Indonal Women, the cyst has disappeared and tumour markers decreased. My boyfriend uses Indonal Men because he has undergone surgical treatment for perforated colonic diverticulitis in the past and because he now has to watch what he eats and keep his entire gastrointestinal tract in check. Gabriella, 11 July 2019

My mother uses Indonal because she has female health problems. She has undergone hysterectomy and is very satisfied with this product. She purchases it regularly and her reactions have been positive overall. Tanya, 12 July 2018

My gynaecologist recommended me Indonal after I underwent conization (CIN 2). I have used Indonal regularly for three months and I did not have faith in anything anymore. After a couple of weeks, I have felt a change overall. I felt better. After a check-up at the doctor’s office, I received an email: “Your results are OK,” i.e. negative. I have never been more satisfied. Theresa, 11 July 2018

Good evening. I have a really good experience with Indonal. A few years ago, when my cytology test detected precancerous cervical changes, I started taking Indonal. At the next check-up, my results were negative. I recommend it wholeheartedly to other women. Suzanne Zajic, 11 July 2018

Hello! I had cysts, I didn’t know what to do, the medication wasn’t working, so I tried Indonal. The cysts disappeared! Jane, 13 July 2018