HPV is bothering men too!

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03. May 2022

HPV is bothering men too!

My gynecologist diagnosed me with HPV virus. She said it’s a sexually transmitted disease. My husband and I have been together for fifteen years and we’ve been faithful to each other. How is it possible that I have it? Is it only transmitted through sexual intercourse?


“The HPV virus is a sexually transmitted disease and can persist in the cells of the transformation zone of the cervix for a long period. The fact that, as you recall, it only manifested now does not necessarily mean it wasn’t there before. It’s just that your immune system was able to keep it in check. A weakening could have led to its manifestation and diagnosis.”

– This is the response from gynecologist Dr. Javorek in a consultation at the gynecologist’s office on www.rodinka.sk


Among the increasingly mentioned sexually transmitted diseases is the HPV virus. Its presence in the body can be temporary, to the extent that we might not even notice it, but it can also cause cancer. The HPV virus is a threat not only to women but also to the male population. It is increasingly affecting men as well.

If you have been diagnosed with this virus, you don’t need to send your partner for examination. It’s almost certain that he has it too. There’s also a significant difference in examination and diagnosis. If a man can inspect his penis himself, a woman must visit a gynecologist for examination.

The HPV virus typically does not manifest any symptoms. Mostly in men, but often in women as well, it can appear in the form of genital warts, which are white blister-like growths and can be very painful.

  • Avoid promiscuity
  • It’s good to know that in the case of the HPV virus, even condoms are not 100% protective, as the virus is smaller than the pores of latex
  • Boost your intimate immunity
Boosting intimate immunity

A suitable product for boosting intimate immunity is the proven product on the market, INDONAL®. It is a natural product containing effective Indole-3-carbinol and Resveratrol, which contribute to hormonal balance in both men and women, affect the metabolism of estrogens and testosterone, and suppress the spread of the HPV virus. This beneficial combination of I3C effectively contributes to hormonal balance in both men and women, affecting the metabolism of estrogens and testosterone.

The product suppresses the spread of the HPV virus, which can cause cellular changes, helps to boost the right immunity, and removes free radicals from the body.

Patients mistakenly assume that HPV is a lifelong issue. However, in most cases, with the help of proper dietary supplements, the immune system is able to eliminate the virus from the body within one to two years. Monitoring health status and supporting immunity should, however, remain the number one priority for each of us even after this discovery. For more information, visit the website:





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